Things to Do Until You Find the Best Cardboard Boxes Manufacturers

There is no denying that the custom packaging is the way to go and with readily available packaging all a person or company can do is just pack and deliver an item without any hope of that packaging having an impact on the target customers.


Make no mistake and note that customized packaging is an expensive solution to your problem. These boxes are not cheap as much as you up the cosmetic appearance, material, protection and finish of the boxes, so goes the price.


All of us are willing to spend those extra dollars just to get our hands on impressive tools of persuasion and sales appeal, as long as we are sure that each and every single dollar is well earned by the packaging company, and it is here where we enter the gray area.

One company’s white is another company’s black and this is why the packaging prices and the options corresponding to those prices are mostly grey.

So how to make sure that your packaging company is the best one and how to see to it that they offer you a good value for your investment?

Well, in this blog post we are going to discover as to what are the actions that you need to take before you find a perfect packaging company.

Here you go:

1. Read About Packaging

Or watch YouTube video to develop a better understanding of the packaging. All cardboard box manufacturers of USA offer same or similar packaging services and materials. It is very important for you to understand different materials, styles, shapes, structures, finish and design options and most importantly, the industry jargons for all of them.

The materials, for example, are mostly made out of wood pulp, but based on their flexibility, sturdiness, thickness, look and feel etc. all of them become different products and thus they have different names.

When I was new to packaging I only knew cardboard, but the two similar materials: corrugated fiberboard and Kraft are also very commonly used and thus must be fully understood.

Likewise, you must learn about different types of finishes and box structures. You should know how a matte finish with silver foil will look like and how a gloss finished gold foil looks like.

2. Know Your Product Type

Your product is your brainchild and the packaging that you want to get from one of the cardboard box manufacturers that you might be considering, is actually to protect your product, to boost brand recognition, to attract more and more customers and to spread word about your brand and the product.


To do this properly, you got to know about the type of product that you are selling. The nature of your product will dictate the type of cardboard boxes that you need. For example, cell phones, watches, perfumes and other gift-type products will be packed in delicate gift boxes made out of cardboard or rigid material. They also would have a very VIP finish.

The food items, FMCG items and similar items can be packed in thin cardboard boxes or Kraft boxes. However, to protect them from temperature you may want aqueous coating or something similar.

In case where your product is a soap, candle or similar products which are vulnerable to water and heat both:  you need corrugated fiberboard. This material sucks the water and stops the heat. This material is also very good in protecting products like glassware or electronics from impact, because it has dense layers of cardboard.

3. Pricing and Other Details

Last but not the least, the moments before you start calling packaging companies, make sure that you are fully aware of your maximum budget, the material that you have picked, the shape and structure as well as finish that you want.

These details correspond to the overall price of your packaging. Make sure that you know the overall industry rates for each variation in design, finish, style, structure and material etc. Also, be aware that all packaging companies do not offer free shipping.

Yes, now you are good to go. Start dialing or emailing packaging companies, get the rates and details of what they can offer and make your wise choice.

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